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May 5, 2019
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May 11, 2019

RightHIS is an element of health informatics that focuses mainly on the administrational needs of hospitals.

RightHIS includes many applications addressing the data management needs of multiple departments in a hospital. It skillfully manages the data related to the clinic, administration, finance department, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and pathology departments. HIS offers access to quick and reliable information including patients’ health records illustrating details about their demographics, age, gender, etc.


The RightHIS healthcare solution is entirely web based and can be operated and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Through RightHIS software, a hospital can be connected to a hospital's other off - site branch and, for urgent report viewing and instruction, physicians can also access it. RightHIS not only reduces patient Turn-around-Time (Required Hospital Stay) but also provides efficient service to patients and, most importantly, helps management to control costs in hospital management steps and procedures, consumables,

This is a multi - language enterprise solution, with multi - calendar and multi - currency support, can be located in any country and can be deployed on multiple sites.

Support patient flux across the company by providing an extensible platform that incorporates data from several information systems in hospitals based on the same architecture. It enables the organization to deploy the whole solution or begin with a smaller scaled project on the basis of current.



  • RightHIS provides easy access to medical data to generate various records, including demographic classification, sex, age, etc. It is particularly helpful at the outpatient level and therefore improves the continuity of care. In addition, internet access enhances the ability to access these data remotely.
  • It helps the hospital authorities develop comprehensive health care policies as a decision support system.
  • It effectively engenders finance running and also accurately, including engineering, patient diet, and also medical aid distribution. It gives a vivid picture of the growth of hospitals in coming years.
  • It reflects an enhanced monitoring system for drug use, including its efficacy. It relegates to the background adverse drug interaction and gives a push to suitable pharmaceutical use.
  • Integrated Inventory Management keeps track of all medicine-to-linen hospital stocks and helps you keep the optimum stock level all the time. It also minimizes the theft and misplacement of the lost stock.
  • Improves the integrity of information by reducing transcription errors and duplicating data entries.
  • Our hospital management system is user-friendly and eliminates handwriting errors. New computer technology systems provide perfect performance to pull up server or cloud server information.
  • With all data in one platform, our Business Intelligence Module provides valuable insights into hospital operations and patient care quality.
  • Improves the overall experience of health care in a health care facility.
  • Improves physicians ' communication and interaction with their patients.
  • Helps manage an organization's extra expenses due to less paperwork, improved safety, and reduced test duplication.

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