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December 31, 2018
Paperless Office Automation
December 31, 2018

In-house Email Solution

We set up and mange for your own e-mail server, which gives you a little more flexibility and control. Since you are not paying for storage, you can make email accounts as large as you want, add accounts easily, or host multiple domains.

RCSL specializes in the implementation and support of messaging systems, which allow your business to communicate seamlessly with both internal and external mail users, manage time and business contacts.

If your organization grows, we ensure that it will grow with minimal fuss. We configure and activate e-mail accounts to a growing number of staff members, potentially located in different sites and/or outside the office.

A well designed email and messaging solution is crucial to the success of any modern business, and we excel at understanding the commercial needs of businesses and implementing systems which exactly meet these requirements.

Registration of a domain name is now easy and low-cost. With assistance from RCSL, you can have yourcompany.com with ease, along with a unique e-mail address. Once you have your domain and Internet connection in-house, e-mail server can retrieve and send your companies mail automatically. The sharing of electronic diaries and contacts can be brought to the desktop, and e-mail delivered straight to Microsoft Outlook or other e-mail programs.

RCSL can provide administration services for all major e-mail systems, including the Exchange Server, Lotus Notes & Alt-n MDaemon. As part of the monthly service agreement package, RCSL ensures that the system runs efficiently at all times, and any problems that arise are dealt with minimal fuss and user downtime. RCSL can reduce and/or eliminate the amount of unsolicited advertising the users receive using e-mail monitoring and filtering services (pornographic material and unsolicited e-mail). This service is provided by using an extra module, which can be incorporated into the Firewall solution.