Our Mission & Vision
May 18, 2019
March 3, 2020

RightClick Solutions Limited offers the following services:

Strategic Information Systems Planning:

We assist our clients in identifying their entire information needs. We conduct system studies to help our clients evolve information systems blueprints that will support their mission and strategies, and bring about higher productivity and competitiveness. We help our clients streamline their operations through strategic exploitation and business process re-engineering. We also conduct office systems planning studies to determine the most appropriate use of office automation that will meet our customer requirements.

Project Management:

We provide project management services to ensure projects are developed and delivered on time and within budget. Our expertise is in software project management and so far we have successfully completed the project management of several huge software projects.

Software Development:

Software development is one of our prime services. We have a large pool of programmer and analysts to perform application software development. We possess expertise almost all latest platforms includes following:

Programming Languages and Front-Ends: SQL/PL-SQL, Oracle Developer, .Net, PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, C # etc.

Relational Database Management Systems: Oracle, SQL Server

Operating Systems and Network Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Sun etc.

  • Standards & Methodologies:
  • The RightClick Solutions Limited has developed sound standards and methodologies to ensure quality solutions. We provide training and the setting up of quality infrastructure and standards deployment through direct involvement in project development activities.

  • Quality Assurance:
  • RightClick Solutions Limited provides quality management Consultancy, training and support. We develop and implement professional standards and provide project quality assurance.

IT Security

We provide IT security and support and Consultancy in the implementation of security policies and procedures, including security software administration, communication security, computer virus control, disaster recovery, and security awareness and training programmers.

Hardware & Software:

We are the reseller of all types/classes of ICT Hardware and Software (HP, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, McAfee, Norton etc). We distribute our products directly to our Corporate Clients only. Provide systems integration solutions to the corporate houses using our resources and agreements with vendors to fulfill the customer's needs.

Desktop Services:

We offer a non-stop desktop service to our clients. This includes providing standard desktop software, software usage assistance, license distribution and related services to connect desktop PCs to the resources, end user support and training.

Our Personnel:

Our people, RightClick Solutions Limited has one of the largest pools of ICT expertise in the region. We are a young and vibrant Organization constantly at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our people are dynamic, energetic, trained in latest technologies and committed to providing the highest level of professional services.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.