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April 16, 2019
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Easy-to-use and powerful features & certifications make it the most advanced, flexible & compliant right-Prescribing


What is right-Prescription?

Right-Prescription is defined as an electronic process by which a prescription order is generated and sent so that doctors and other medical practitioners can transmit an electronic prescription directly from the point of care to the pharmacy. Right-Prescription improves accuracy, improves patient safety and quality of care since there is no pharmacist's interpretive or prescription handwriting.

The Architecture Of right-Prescription

right-Prescription is very fast as Oracle 11 G is being used as a database system, and Oracle has increased software scalability and stability as a front-end set up to ensure that your system will not become slower or unstable even if it contains millions of data thereafter. The reporting system is also extremely intuitive with SAP crystal reporting technology.

Reasons to choose right-Prescription

        Custom Medical Specific Prescription Format

        10+ prescription formats are present in right-Prescription (Medicine, Surgery, Eye, ENT, pediatrics etc.)

        No internet connection required

        Generic name listed even with a trade name drug

        right-Prescription is 10+ years in Market

        Secure at 100 percent that, your data is your data. We are not selling your data to third party firms.

        Easy-to-use & easy-to-learn the interface with intuitive workflows.

        Its user Friendly.


right-Prescribing gives healthcare professionals in all care settings safer and more efficient electronic prescription management, which increases medication adherence and reduces prescription fraud.

Some key benefits of right-prescription:

right-Prescription is growing rapidly, not just because the technology has improved, but because of the substantial benefits for patients and physicians. Enlisted here are some of the many key benefits of right-Prescribing.

Quicker Verification of Medical Insurance

Traditional prescriptions and outstanding medical bills need to accompany together for insurance claims. Manual verification of prescribed drugs and billing invoice of similar drugs takes a lot of time and effort.

right-Prescription software tallies the prescribed drugs and pharmacy invoice and authorizes the purchase for insurance claims.

right-Prescription Features

RCSL supports standard electronic prescription as right-Prescription, transactions to allow physicians to securely right-Prescribe within their existing workflow...


Enhances adherence to medications

In combination with eligibility and form, right-Prescription improves compliance with the first fill medication.

Eliminates procedures of manual prescription

right-Prescriptions provided to an electronic workflow of a pharmacist reduce the time required to clarify manual prescriptions, enter data, or make follow-up phone calls.

Reaches expansions

RCSL connects to the biggest network of health systems, pharmacies, exchanges of health information, and long-term care facilities.

Enhances safety of patients

Pharmacists no longer have handwritten prescriptions to be interpreted, which reduce error potential.

Tackles opium fraud and mistreatment

Send controlled substances prescriptions to pharmacy electronically and safely

Efficiency improvement

Reduces pharmacy and callbacks from providers to clarify intent

Improves patient safety

Support providers decide best in the field of patients at risk of abuse or excessive use of controlled substances.

Maintains regulatory compliance

Ensure that suppliers comply with current laws.

Wide access to facility

A single link allows communication with several long-lasting care centers which unnecessary direct contacts.

Enhances precision of prescription

right-Prescription integrated by EHR offers unequaled precision, effectiveness and value.