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December 31, 2018
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December 31, 2018

Network Solutions

Right Click Solution Limited (RCSL) is committed to providing our customers with a seamlessly integrated system. To assist our customers with implementing and supporting their network and hardware components, we have partnered with a series of network solution providers around the country. Our network solution providers are fully certified and have been trained to service and support the networks and hardware peripherals for most of our products.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist networking services and technical solutions aimed at small to medium sized enterprises (SME). Our highly skilled network installations team bring with them years of experience and industry qualifications. They have been installing networks, both wired cabling and wireless across a broad range of industry sectors for many years. Our network installations team can provide your business with a range of network solutions…

LAN Services

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network that covers a small local area, such as a home, office or small building group. RCSL provides you with a wide range of LAN services that expand desktop computers capabilities. For your office, we create a safe and reliable network environment.

Our LAN services include LAN infrastructure equipment provision, implementation, maintenance and management. While supplying covers the selection, requirement and delivery of equipment to the premises of the customer, implementation includes configuration of equipment, pre-implementation checks, installation and commissioning.

Our maintenance service ensures installed equipment support and fault rectification. To provide comprehensive and multi-vendor design solutions for new networks and overlay designs, RCSL engineers use technology, sophisticated world-class tools and disciplined design processes.

Our services include:

  • Security Services
  • Web Services, including Web, DNS & Email servers
  • Application Services, including File & Authentication servers
  • Integrated Intranet Server information sharing

Switching & Routing

Our LAN solutions combine RCSL and our technology partners ' expertise. In addition to your company premises, the hardware components can be distributed via public telephone networks, digital leased lines or IP data networks even in remote locations.

WAN Services

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network spanning a relatively large area of geography. It usually consists of two or more Local Area (LANs) networks. WAN-connected computers are often connected via the telephone system, DSL, leased lines, etc. RCSL's WAN solution allows multiple users and PCs to simultaneously access a single connection to the Data / Internet network, facilitating cost-effective and optimized infrastructure. As information is obtained faster, access can be shared. Our WAN solution provides a wide range of interfaces for Data & Internet access so that connectivity can be tailored to a business ' needs. With RCSL’s WAN solutions, customers enjoy a global presence. They can have access to any part of the world.

Some of our network features are:

  • Resilient network managed and guaranteed
  • Extensively owned regional IP network
  • Global reach
  • High speed Internet connectivity

Customers are provided with 24 x 7 local and international monitoring of all their links – backed by our SLAs. We can provide clients with factual reports.

Network Security

Network security solutions are designed to give your eyes and ears over the assets of your company, ensuring early and instant warnings of IT infrastructure failures, security breaches, and potentially critical changes in environmental parameters.