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December 31, 2018
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December 31, 2018

An efficient, well run organization requires a proper technology foundation in addition to well-planned processes that control how information moves between people and systems. RCSL takes a process-based approach to designing information solutions that meet our client’s requirements.

In plain language this means that we look first at the activities that people in the organization perform. Based on an understanding of what people do, our process experts are able suggest alternative approaches to performing repetitive tasks. At times, efficiency and accuracy is gained through the use of technology, at other times small changes to existing manual processes may be all that is needed to reduce costs and improve performance.

A well planned business that makes the correct use of technology and processes is able to reap all the benefits of paperless office automation. If your organization frequently moves documents between individuals and/or departments, it may be time to look at a paperless automation solution that allows information to be scanned electronically and shared among people using easily customized workflow and document management tools.

How RCSL helps establish a paperless office?

Exceptionally fast access to information −

with the help of RCSL, you can scan and store the digitized versions of all the important documents together, in a central repository. This allows you to access all the vital information whenever needed. If you attempt to look for a specific document, manually, it will surely take a lot of time.

Space saving and cost −effective −

When you have to rent a physical space to store heaps of documents, it not only costs you a lot, but also takes a lot of effort to manage all the documents. An advanced DMS like RCSL allows you to keep all the documents in an organized way, without wasting any physical space.

Smart search −

RCSL is a feature-rich software that has been designed keeping the varied usage in mind. Advanced search or smart search is a feature that enables the users to find a particular document in no time. One can simply create different search strings, in order to narrow down the search process while looking for a specific document.

Improved & heightened security −

One of the best features of RCSL is that it ensures improved security to all the documents, stored in it. With a three−tier security model − folder level, user level and file level − all your vital business information are absolutely safe in a DMS like RCSL.

Disaster recovery −

Once you scan and store all the mission critical data in RCSL, you can rest assured about the disaster recovery of all those documents. Unlike the hard copy of the documents, you will always be able to access the backup version.

Wide web access −

When you store documents in our RCSL automation process, you can access these from different sources − be it your home, or office, you can easily access all these documents. In fact, you can also access these documents from remote locations.

Share documents with the click of a button −

RCSL allows you to share the documents just with a single click, as it allows easy sharing process.