IT Support & Maintenance
December 31, 2018

RCSL is very keen in information technology consulting firm providing IT services and solutions that help clients compete in their markets and improve their operations. We offer application development and integration, business and network strategies, and strategic IT staffing solutions. Flexible delivery of IT services and solutions is an integral part of RCSL’s client-first approach to technology consulting.

In RCSL, professional service can encompass many sectors, including legal services, financial services, marketing and public relations, and technology. However, each business shares common requirements in ensuring project effectiveness, reducing revenue loss, and driving customer satisfaction. Our extensive Professional services solution must serve as the foundation for business growth and success.

With Professional services we balance the need to deliver client projects on time and on budget, while also maintaining the company’s own profit margins. To accomplish this must be diligent during the planning phase to come up with accurate time and budget estimates and look for ways to streamline their processes to increase efficiency.


Our professional service is project-based. However, the types of projects can vary vastly to include a range of occupations that provide support to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

From clients to new software to supporting companies with accounting or auditing efforts, our professional services project managers must not only have the project management know-how to complete complex projects but also master the art of managing external client-facing projects.


Although cost savings is still an important consideration for us in using professional services, RCSL is becoming much more strategic and seeking benefits such as value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage when considering what services to outsource to a professional service provider. In addition to establishing service-level agreements (SLAs) for professional services, such concerns include:

Professional service capabilities are important for enterprise startups because they:

    ensure your projects are more successful and thus more referenceable

    help you integrate your product with other systems making it harder for your product to be replaced by competitors

    make sure we do higher quality implementations because 3rd parties don’t have the same interests in over delivering on quality

    Projects take less time with Professional service

    We are keeping higher margin in companies with Professional service


Our successful professional services projects means completing the customer requirements on time and within budget. A services organization’s ability to deliver successful projects is critical in its ability to maintain a competitive advantage and win more business. Typically, professional services agreement starts with a sales motion, where there is a discussion around how the project will be executed and results in the development, and agreement of, a statement of work.
A statement of work outlines the tasks and deliverables of professional services project, and typically includes the following aspects:

  • Project objectives

  • Project scope

  • Major deliverable

  • Tasks that support the deliverables, and who is responsible for each

  • Timeline for completion of work

  • Location of work and necessary resources

  • Payment costs, terms, and deadlines

  • Internal and external standards and guidelines

  • Criteria used to determine whether deliverables are acceptable

  • Agreement and signatures of both parties