September 29, 2022

Best Pharmacy Management Software in Bangladesh – Right POS

RightPOS offers the following general benefits: To simplify the point of sales (POS) checkout process, RightPOS system takes the place of traditional cash registers. That scratches […]
May 16, 2019

Product Development Services

December 31, 2018

Application Software Development

Many decision makers in small-sized to Fortune 50 companies have found themselves in your position. They needed to implement software that would make an impact enterprise. Just simply made one decision; Chose Lumineux Informatique.
December 31, 2018

Network (LAN/WAN) Solutions

Lumineux Informatique is committed to providing our customers with a seamlessly integrated system. To assist our customers with implementing and supporting their network and hardware components, we have partnered with a series of network solution providers around the country.
December 31, 2018

Paperless Office Automation

An efficient, well run organization requires a proper technology foundation in addition to well-planned processes that control how information moves between people and systems. Lumineux Informatique takes a process-based approach to designing information solutions that meet our client’s requirements.
December 31, 2018

In-house Email Solution

Lumineux Informatique specializes in the implementation and support of messaging systems, which allow your business to communicate seamlessly with both internal and external mail users, manage time and business contacts.
December 31, 2018

Web & E-Commerce Solution

Lumineux Informatique can offer Web Hosting Packages for customers wishing to transfer their existing web site to dedicated web servers. Lumineux Informatique provides web-based e-commerce solution to businesses serious about online sales. The e-commerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.
December 31, 2018

IT Support & Maintenance

If your company has between 5 and 30 users and you don't have an in-house IT department, you need our services. Is your network Reliable? Secure? Efficient? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Is your network email and web enabled? Are you at risk from Viruses? Are your staffs productive? Do you really want to have to worry about all this yourself? Contact Lumineux Informatique!
December 29, 2018

Professional Services